Monday, 3 March 2014

A fun list for February

In January I completed this list for the month. I want to add something to my blog which is posted on a regular basis. I enjoy these types of questionnaires because it provides me with the chance to reflect on the past month and plan for the next month. I will continue to post this list on a monthly basis.

By the way, I realise that this is a few days late. Opps... It has been sitting here waiting for me to publish!

Making :  Things for the home. And I am making them out of recycled items. I am currently working on wine glasses as decorative vases.

Cooking : Dinner! Very much enjoying my motivation to cook, create and experiment with food. On the menu tonight is crispy skin salmon with asparagus, baby broccoli and sweet potato mash. I have also been trying to perfect some dishes. This week I made a mushroom sauce for steak. I will be trying this one again sometime during the week!

Drinking : Tetley's green tea with a hint of ginger, it is delicious. I am really loving having my cup of tea on the balcony in the mornings. Its so relaxing listening and watching the waves hit the shore with a steaming cup.

Reading: 'The hilliker curse' by James Ellroy. So far so good.

Wanting: A job ... not really ... but seriously, need the cash.

Looking: At the waves crash onto the shore. I will never get sick of this view.

Playing: Not so much playing... but I am completing all the puzzles in the weekly 'That's Life' magazine. Sounds a bit boring and old of me but I enjoy completing the puzzles and the fact that I may win a prize makes it all the more fun.

Deciding: What personal touches I can bring to our new home. It still feels like we live in a hotel at the moment.

Wishing: The weather would clear up. Its gloomy and raining here at the moment.

Enjoying: My daily swims in the ocean. Although I missed it today because of the bad weather (see my last answer).

Waiting: For a call back on a job application. I hate the waiting game.

Wondering: If I should apply for the next season of My Kitchen Rules (okay I am being crazy.. As if!!).

Loving:  Seafood, fruit and vegetables. After spending a few months away from Australia, I have really come to appreciate our fresh produce. We really are spoilt over here. I know everyone probably says this about their home country but our produce is the tastiest.

Pondering:  The future.. who knows what's going to happen. Life is so unpredictable.

Considering: Taking a trip to country QLD in April with my best friend. She is coming over to visit family and thinking about doing a trip to Longreach to catch up with another friend of ours. I'm not sure how I would cope in the country. I am not a real country person!

Liking:  That a few of my friends and family are making plans to come and visit me over here!

Watching: The Oscars. Love putting my opinion out there about the dresses!

Hoping: Brent does well in his interview tomorrow. Everyone cross your fingers for us!

Marvelling: The beach.. Seriously have I mentioned how much I forgot that I love swimming n the ocean.

Wearing: A set of new summer pyjama's which I bought on sale at Target today.

Following: The AFL team, Gold Coast Suns

Noticing: How casual life is around here. I love living walking distance from everything. Anything we need is a few minutes away.

Feeling:  Nervous (for Brent) about tomorrow. Job interviews and job hunting sucks. I feel like it takes up so much of your time and energy.

Admiring: Other bloggers.. I feel that I am lacking creativity and motivation the last few weeks.

Sorting:  All my photographs from New York.

Buying: Nothing yet, can't do too much shopping until I get a job. I hate budgets.

Getting: Hungry! Must almost be time to start cooking that crispy skin salmon. 

Disliking: Tourist.. Haha, I have become one of those people who gets frustrated with the tourist walking around everywhere! I guess that's what you get for living in the middle of Surfers Paradise.

Opening:  A bottle of water.. and carrying it around with me everywhere. This hot weather is dehydrating!

Feeling: That I need to re-visit the bucket list to refresh my mind and inspire me.

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