Saturday, 22 March 2014


Who doesn't love a shopping trip... Who doesn't love a shopping trip in the #1 shopping district in the world... SOHO, NEW YORK!
One thing I made sure to put on my bucket list and complete while in New York was a visit to the DASH clothing store which as you probably know is owned by the Kardashian girls. I admit it, I have a weakness for reality TV and I did jump on the Kardashian bandwagon back when I was living in Perth and had the privilege of Foxtel.. that privilege is gone now thanks to a thing called budgeting and not wasting money on unnecessary items (its hard and it sucks). I also have a Kardashian handbag which my mum bought me a couple of Chrissies ago and I continue to use it now (although its looking a bit ruined now).
I had to snap a shot of myself outside of the store to send to friends and make them jealous. Here it is.

I also did some shopping in Tiffany and Co where I purchased a 'return to Tiffany' necklace (pictured below) which I have wanted forever. Because we were on holidays Brent was saying "get what you want", how dangerous is that! But I did think.. when will I be in Tiffany's New York again?
I asked to see this necklace (I knew straight away what piece of jewellery I wanted and didn't need to browse the others) and was shocked when she told me the price and it was $100 dollars cheaper than Australia! So I bought it ... then and there, no second thought.
And I love it so much, it looks great with everything!
The shopping is Soho is fantastic. Clothing is cheaper and they also don't charge tax on clothes which is pretty great. Brent also did a fair amount of shopping (which proves just how great the shopping is because he never shops!)
Here's Soho in all its glory!  
And what's a shopping trip without some happy hour drinks afterwards! Here we have 1 vodka soda, 1 bourbon and coke, 2 jager bombs.. all under $20 and because it was happy hour it was buy one get one free so we got 8 drinks for under $20.. What is wrong with Australia and why are we not doing this!!

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