Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Times Square

The thing about times square is that the whole time you are walking through it, you are in a state of excitement. I felt like a bird in a tree constantly looking left, right, up, all around with all the shiny bright lights catching my attention.
I was so busy looking around and checking out all the stores, bulletins and people that unfortunately I didn't take as many photographs as I would have liked. I went to times square once while I was there... I LOVED times square but it was full of people trying to sell you tickets, music and souvenirs. It causes a bit of anxiety and I just don't like the pushy, in your face kind of sales. Therefore I didn't do any shopping in times square, instead saving my shopping for the cheap deals in Soho (which was full of amazing shops $$$).
I had taken the subway to times square which was also a heap of fun. Riding the subway was something that had to be done while in New York. I was expecting to ride with some American looneys but there was no free show on the subway. I know its only a ride on a train but I love doing the simple things which you see in movies and on TV shows.
So check out my photos below. They do not do the whole scene justice at all (it is a mad house there) but they put a smile on my face and bring back good memories and that's what photographs are all about!

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