Thursday, 20 February 2014

9/11 memorial

While in New York I tried to see and do as much as I could in the 5 days that I was there. Brent and I both thought that the 9/11 memorial would be a good sight to see. I still remember what I was doing when the 9/11 attacks occurred. I was watching Rove and when it first came onto the TV, I thought it was an add. I was only 13 at the time but I still remember being shocked and wondering what the people in that tower were going to do.
The visit to the memorial brings up emotions in everyone around. All I could think about while visiting the memorial was how insane the city would have been from people panicking. People would have been wondering 'are there more planes coming?' (well I know I would have been thinking that). The city would have been covered in dust, people struggling to breathe and in shock from what they would have just seen. New York is such a busy city that I can only imagine how crazy the panic in the people was that day.
The water falls are amazing. In some strange way it is some what peaceful there. I say that it is in a strange way because the waterfalls are actually really loud and there are a lot of other people wandering around and visiting also.
Around both of the memorials are the names of everyone who was killed, its sad to hear that so many innocent people were killed as well as people such as policeman and fireman who were just doing their job that day.
There is a lot of construction happening around the memorial including a museum which is being set up. The museum looks like it is going to be amazing. One particular thing they are doing with the museum is including a photograph on the wall of everyone who died that day. I think that creates a bit of a personal touch for honouring those who died which is nice.
Brent and I visited the gift shop and inside they were playing a DVD which told stories about those who had loved one pass away that day. One story which was told was from a father, he had a fire fighter son and a police officer son who both died that day. While the story was playing, people around us were crying. It was a very touching story. The father felt that he was lucky as the last thing he said to both of his sons was I love you. I guess that is a reminder of how quickly and unexpectedly someone can pass away and the importance of always treasuring those you love.
I took quite a few photos of the memorial, have a peek.

This last photo is of the only tree which survived the 9/11 attacks. The tree was found after the attacks as a stump, the people of New York helped the tree grow back to full strength and have placed it back in its original home. The tree is very close to the first tower so it is just amazing that it has survived through! 


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