Saturday, 15 February 2014

New York


Well I haven't done a post in a couple of weeks. I apologise but I have been having the time of my life in New York! We were there for 6 days and had to squeeze in as much as we could in the short time we were there so unfortunately I had no spare time to blog.
It was time for Brent and I to say goodbye to Canada. It had been a great adventure however I am very excited for what is installed for the future!
After leaving Canada and having an amazing time in New York we boarded from JFK and survived through a 25 hour horror flight back to Australia. Here we are, in the Gold Coast. The weather is warm and my skin is having a freak out as it see's the sun again for the first time since November. It feels great to wear shorts and thongs again!
The next few posts will be filled with some memories and adventures of New York. If you haven't been to New York I would encourage you to visit as soon as you can! Brent and I stayed on Manhattan in Soho. Soho is far enough away from Times Square that it is not crazy busy and full of tourists but still filled with fun things to do including many great cafes and cocktail bars and amazing shopping! It felt like Soho had many locals living there which is exactly what we wanted.

My favourite part of New York was the fact that you can walk and walk and walk ... and it just keeps going, it never gets boring. There are always people out and about having fun, there is always some restaurant with a cheap lunch on special, a bar with happy hour or a show about to start. Its amazing. Here are some photos of the amazing scenery and atmosphere that I was talking about.


 Is it just me or are you also in love with all of the buildings...

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