Thursday, 30 January 2014

A fun list for January

Found this really fun list from the blog think big, live simply and decided to have a go at it myself! I enjoy doing these sort of quizzes. It's something my friends and I used to do in high school and I haven't gotten over that secret love for them.

Making : My blog planner! I have decided to plan (roughly) my year of blog posts. I find it really hard to come up with inspiration on the spot and feel that this will save me a lot of time in the long run and eliminate any boring pointless posts.

Cooking : Nothing, I am on holidays and wanting to try all the great locally owned restaurants here in Fernie. I do miss cooking though and will be happy to get myself back into some sort of routine (my waist line will also be happy). It is Chinese new year on Friday and I am hoping to cook up a yummy Chinese dish in celebration.

Drinking : Water, water and more water. I am trying to up my water intake, being on holidays has meant that I am indulging in fizzy drinks and alcohol more often than usual. My skin is hating me for it.

Reading: All the blogs I can. I have joined the Facebook group Aussie blogs to love and am slowly working my way through the bloggers (and their blogs) which have joined the group.

Wanting: To work on creating a children's book. I have an idea and a general story line. I am not sure where to start as it all sounds really daunting. Another idea for the pile..

Looking: At the snow outside. It has been snowing on and off which is very exciting as we haven't had much snow since the beginning of the year. I only have 1 week left in Canada and want to be in as much snow as possible.

Playing: 'The Simpsons tapped out'. It's an app on my ipad. Lame I know but I am addicted. Don't judge me.

Deciding: That I should go on a diet (even though I am still on holidays). The thought of ever putting a bikini back on is freaking me out. I'm also sick of the heavy and greasy food which I often eat. Bring me a salad!

Wishing: Life would slow down. Its 2014.... whaaaat. It's almost February 2014.... whaaat! Where did January go?

Enjoying: Having free time!! It has been 3 months since I finished work (wow that's gone quick). I have never had this much time off since I started full time employment when I was 17 years old. I have taken advantage of this time I have by starting this blog, learning to snowboard, learning to speak French, reading and writing regularly in my journal (yes I still like to hand write in a journal).

Waiting: For my mum to get online so I can check that our flights back to Australia are all booked (the airline was sending her a confirmation text) and also so that she can take another photo of my budgie Sheldon for me. I miss my little birdie!

Wondering: What it will be like living in the Gold Coast and by the beach. Yes I am confirming that Brent and I will be going to live by the beach! We have finished our adventure in Canada and changed our mind on living in the UK (we have decided to travel there in the summer time rather than settle there in the winter). We need sunshine and heat! I've never lived by the beach before and plan on taking advantage of this.

Loving: Si from Duck Dynasty.. He says the most random and funny things. Brent loves that show, I think its okay (I'd prefer to watch Sex and the City), the best part about it is Si.

Pondering: My resume. Since I need a job as soon as we move to the Gold Coast, I need to work on updating this.

Considering: What to do and where to eat in New York city. Currently doing lots and lots of research.

Liking: Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon. Delish and it comes in a 1.5L wine bottle.

Watching: Vanderpump rules. I am obsessed with the characters even though they are all nasty and pretentious.

Hoping: It continues to snow tomorrow! I will be heading up to the mountain so hoping for lots of snow over night. Not long left here in Canada, who knows when the next time I will go snowboarding will be so I will be making the most of it while I can.

Marvelling: This! Awwwwww, so cute.

Wearing: Thermos.. every day..

Following: The local hockey team, Fernie Ghostriders website here. I've been to watch two games and am thinking of going to the game on tomorrow night!!

Noticing: I am getting old. You know you are getting old when you would rather spend a night at home watching movies and exploring pinterest with a glass of red wine and a nice meal than go out to a noisy pub for shots.

Feeling: Happy with life at the moment and excited for what it will become.

Admiring: My photos from my trip last year to the Gold Coast. They are getting me excited for the beach and sunshine.

Sorting: Everything I have accumulated while here in Canada. You would be surprised how much stuff I can gather in a matter of a couple of months. My suitcase was already completely stuffed and hard to shut prior to leaving, I have no idea how I am going to do it with all my new clothes. Looks like I will be doing a trip to the local op shop.

Buying: A snowboard bag as I get ready to hop onto a big jet plane.

Getting: Tips from other bloggers on how to create a successful blog. I never realised how complicated it can be (or is it just me?). I want my blog to look good, I want my pages to be easy for readers to navigate around, I want my content to be interesting, I want my photographs to look professional, I want followers.... jeez! I'm exhausted!

Disliking: Spending almost $3,000 on flights to Australia for Brent and I. Seriously, so expensive. I guess that's what you get for not planning ahead and booking at the last minute.

Opening: A new email account for my blog (its FYI) and also a new Facebook group page for bloggers in the Gold Coast who want to meet up and share ideas. You can join here.

Feeling: Proud of my progress and regular posting on my blog.

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