Friday, 21 February 2014

Central Park

The famous Central Park! How could I have gone to New York and not visit the worlds most famous park... I couldn't! I had to visit and it did not let me down.
Firstly, it is HUGE! I walked around it for over an hour and didn't even cover a quarter of the park.
Secondly, it is very beautiful. Because I was over there for the winter, the grass was covered in a light snow and the lakes were frozen. I think it would also be such a beautiful park in the summer. Brent and I talked about re-visiting in the summer and enjoying a lunch in the sun.
It was freezing that day but I just love that even though the weather is cold New York continues to be full of life and fun. It seems like winter in Australia is quiet and everyone hibernates like a bear, afraid of catching colds or getting wet. But the weather doesn't slow New York down. Truly the city that never sleeps!



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