Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Toys R Us

Toys R Us is located in the middle of Times Square. As I was walking past the window, I were tempted inside by a giant giraffe, his name is Geoffery! How could I resist such a giant giraffe!
As soon as I got inside I was bought me back to my childhood! Barbie, Cabbage patch kids, Baby born, Pokémon, Mickey Mouse... Just awesome!    
The store is like no other. It consists of three levels which include a giant Barbie home, a Ferris wheel, an ice cream store, a mini Lego land and that is just the beginning. I could have spent hours in there as well as many $$$$
One thing I wondered about as I was walking around is how on Earth parents get their children TO LEAVE the store considering I was having enough trouble getting myself to leave. It must be a struggle. I often wonder how I would cope in a situation like that. A grumpy child refusing to leave a busy shopping centre... I would probably take the easy way out and use bribery. If you are going to use bribery in Toys R Us, be sure to bring lots of money. There were just so many toys!  
I hope you enjoy the photos I took while in the store.
Here is the giant Barbie home that you can actually walk into and around.

The Ferris wheel. You can sort of make out on the right hand side the 'cabbage patch kids' carriage. I loved the carriages, they were all different themed and included pokemon, tonka trucks, Disney characters and super hero's.

The ice cream shop in the store

Dinosaur in the Jurassic Park section

Mini Lego land featuring many New York favourites such as Empire state building and the statue of Liberty.

Massive Superman on top of the roof. This area would be every little boys dream land!

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