Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Australia day

This year Australia day was different to any Aussie day I've ever experienced. Instead keeping cool by swimming in the pool, having some drinks with girlfriends and then walking down to the foreshore to watch the beautiful fireworks, I was wearing beanies and gloves, keeping warm inside and hanging out with other Aussie travellers.

A group of Australian guys who we have made friends with invited us to a party they were throwing... I've never been to a party with so many people crammed into one house. Here is a shot I got of the lounge room.
It was an Australian day that I wont forget.
Our time in Fernie is nearing to its end with 1 week to go. I have been trying to get in as much snowboarding time as possible, knowing that the next time we go snowboarding might not be for a while.
A part of me feels sad as we have made many friends here and I've enjoyed the ski bum lifestyle but another part of me is excited for our next adventure...
New York!
Since we only have a week until we leave for the city that never sleeps, I should probably start planning (and booking) this adventure. I'm currently researching hotels to stay in and restaurants to eat at. There are so many options that I don't really know where to start.
If you have any suggestions of hotels, food and things you have experienced in New York I would love to hear them.
Until next time!
:) Chloe

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