Sunday, 12 January 2014

Here are some photographs of the local hockey game. We have had to learn to call it Hockey rather than Ice Hockey as Canadians think its  pretty stupid when Aussie's call it Ice Hockey. The game was Fernie ghostriders vs. Kimberly. Kimberly won in over time which was disappointing but it was still lots of fun to watch.

Brent and I at the game.
Things have been pretty relaxed here as of late. Brent and I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning for where and what comes after Fernie.
We have an outbound flight from Canada to New York (yay New York, I cant wait) but we have not planned where to after New York, we have some ideas floating about but I am not ready to reveal them until they are set in stone. Watch this space!
Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 26 years old (argh). It is my first birthday away from home and my first birthday in a long time that doesn't involve a night out with the girls and dinner with my parents.
I'm hoping that the weather changes by tomorrow, its currently windy and looks like it's going to rain. I want some new snow so that I can spend some time on the hill. I have actually started to get the hang of snowboarding and am enjoying it. I can link my turns which is a actually a really scary thing to do when you are going down a big hill.
I will also be going out for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate. I have picked Yamagoya which is the only sushi restaurant in Fernie. The restaurant has received good reviews and when I was on a chair lift with some Fernie locals, they recommended Yamagoya for a good meal. I'll be sure to post my experience at the restaurant.
Well, here's some more photos of Fernie for you to enjoy!
Beautiful blue day with snow covering the houses and roads. This is just outside my bedroom window.
The scenery in the town is just amazing. Beautiful mountains whichever way you look.

The boys enjoying a night out
Sadie and I
Brent and I
Until next time!! Much love!

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