Sunday, 6 April 2014

March List

Keeping up tradition on the blog!
Making : Nothing at the moment, which sucks. I am feeling a little uncreative and uninspired as I have started working again and when I get home I just want to plant myself in front of the TV and watch my kitchen rules.

Cooking : All kinds of things. Since being back in Australia my joy of cooking has come back in full swing. My favourite recently cooked dish is steak, portobello mushroom, haloumi and capsicum salsa stack.

Drinking : Peppermint tea and lots of cold water (as I am not coping with this humidity)

Reading: Nothing at the moment, but I have just finished 'Thomas Quick: The making of a serial killer' by Hannes Rastam. Its about Thomas Quick, a man who confessed to more than thirty unsolved murders, he was convicted of 8 of those murders. The twist in this real life biography is that Thomas was lying and never actually committed any murders at all.

Wanting: My life to get into a routine. Its just a bit all over the place at the moment.

Looking: At the bowl of chips sitting in front of me, I shouldn't really be eating this ... but .. ill diet tomorrow. I told myself that I would try really hard to lose weight while I'm living in here in Queensland, but its really hard when there are so many great food options around. More walks along the coast needed.

Playing: I am going to say the Simpson's Tapped Out which I said in January, I'm still addicted. Its bad, I might have to go to rehab at some point.

Deciding: What book to read next, I have a couple of choices ready to go.

Wishing: I was in Paris! I so desperately want to go to France. Once I do, I will be content in my travels for a while (well maybe).

Enjoying: The cool breeze coming in through the window. Living right next to the ocean means we never have to turn the air con on.

Waiting:  To start my new job tomorrow full time. I have gained employment as an Early Childhood Teacher for a kindy room. Feeling nervous but excited!

Wondering: How my little budgie Sheldon is going. I cant wait to see him again. Who knew I could miss a budgie so much.

Loving: The Japanese restaurant across the road from our apartment. I dined there on Friday night, it was delish. It has a sushi train which always has a great selection on it.

Pondering: What I am going to do with myself in the future.. I have been looking at going back to uni in the near future. Silly idea?

Considering: My goals for the next month. I haven't stuck to my weekly routine, wondering if I need to simplify it into monthly list..   

Liking: The new Lara Bingle underwear range available at Cotton On... But that will have to wait until the bank account looks a bit more healthier.

Watching: My Kitchen Rules #obsession.

Hoping: Things work out for Brent and I.. Surely some good karma must come our way soon. We so desperately want to settle here on the Gold Coast for a while, its lovely here.

Marvelling: This interesting piece about nappy changing routines in childcare read me its amazing what we have to do in childcare and its about time all the stupid policies start coming into the light.   

Wearing: A $5 singlet and underwear, no pants ... I'm at home, it's allowed.

Following: This blogger I still love Perth and it's nice to keep up with what is going on around the city.

Noticing: How easily distracted I am by Facebook and Instagram. This needs to stop.

Feeling: Happy that my friend Amber has booked her tickets to Queensland to come and visit in April. We have lots of fun times ahead.

Admiring:  All the cool ideas you can find on the internet for inspiration on play spaces and activities for children.

Sorting: My ideas (for future projects) and getting them down on paper before they leave my mind.

Buying: A lunchbox. Instead of taking a plastic bag to work everyday. You know your life is in trouble when your going shopping for a lunchbox ....

Getting:  Cravings for chocolate.. oh dear. Must resist.

Disliking: The humidity in this air! Argh, sweaty!

Opening:  The latest issue of Cosmopolitan and relaxing for the rest of the night!

Feeling: Disappointed with the fact that I have slowed down on the regular blog posts. I need to get my mojo back!

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