Wednesday, 15 January 2014


So last night we went to Yamagoya for dinner.
Yamagoya is a Japanese restaurant just off the main highway in Fernie. It is very well known in Fernie and very recommended among the locals.
I was very excited about going because I haven't had Japanese in a long time (since Vancouver in November). This is the only Japanese and sushi restaurant in Fernie which is also another reason why it is high in demand.
Last night was the third time which I have been to Yamagoya however the first two times I was not able to eat their due to the 2 hour wait for a table. This restaurant is popular so in order to get a table, its best to go early.
I got their for 5:15 and by 5:45 all the tables were taken.
The atmosphere was relaxed and romantic (Please excuse the poor quality pictures, I was using my iphone).
I ordered a miso soup (obsessed), tuna sushi roll and vegetable tempura.
You cant really go wrong with miso soup. This one was good but if you cant do a miso soup there is something very wrong! I liked that the soup had a large amount of tofu in it.
Tuna and avocado sushi, very delish and so neatly presented.
Vegetable tempura, a mix of asparagus, sweet potato and zucchini.
Yamagoya lives up to its reputation. The food is clean (as Japanese is) and reasonably priced.
We had a great waitress who was polite and quick.
The only complaint that I can make about Yamagoya is that it can be awkward when you first come walk into the restaurant. You walk in and wait by the door until a waitress comes to serve you. We had a 2 - 3 minute wait before we got a table and while that isn't a very long time, it just felt awkward standing by the door in a busy yet quiet restaurant.
Apart from that Yamagoya had a good atmosphere, good food and good services which makes for a great meal.
Rating: 4.5/5 

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