Sunday, 15 December 2013

Some happy snaps of the trip so far

I wanted to share with you some of Canada.

Vancouver! Loved this city and would go back in a heart beat. It reminds me a lot of Melbourne.
There are a lot of homeless people in the city but Canadians are so kind to each other. I actually saw a lady approach a homeless man who was sleeping on the side walk, his blanket had come off his shoulders and it was very cold outside. She approached him and told him he needed to keep his blanket over himself because it was so cold out and then she tucked him in. Was such a sweet moment.
35c chicken wings, cant go wrong with that.
Stanley Park. Very beautiful. Enjoyed the walk until I had a very serious allergic reaction.
Me in a Vancouver hospital (bit scared to put this picture up because my face is swollen, yuck!). This photo was taken after about 5 hours after I had been admitted to hospital for an anaphylaxic reaction to something in Stanley park. It was a very scary experience as I swelled up very quickly. Still not sure what I am allergic too.. I carry an epi-pen now.
Brent at the front of Bon's after we had eaten breakfast. $3 for toast, hashbrown, bacon and eggs. Amazing!!
View of Banff from the mountain. That's the town below.
Downtown Banff.
Me walking on a frozen lake in Fernie. The people behind me are on ice-skates and playing hockey.
Snow outside my window in Fernie. Until coming to Canada I had never seen snow!!
Brent in snow which is almost up to his knees.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  

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